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Give Online

It is our mission to use all gifts towards the work of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to Hanover and the surrounding area. Thank you for being a part of this important work.

Instructions for Giving

Step 1

Click on "Online Giving" button above.

Step 2

If you haven't registered online before, click the "Register" button. If you have registered, login and continue to step 7.

Step 3

Fill out your personal information and click "Register"

Step 4

You will be taken back to the login page. Put in your username and password you created.

Step 5

Once logged in, enter payment method. You have option of Credit/Debit card or checking account.

Step 6

After you have entered your information, your account is set up and you will be taken to your Personal Profile page.

Step 7

On you Personal Profile page, in the top right corner, click on "New Donation" to be taken to the Donation page.

Step 8

On the Donation page there is a list of categories. Enter the dollar amount and the category you would like to give too.

Step 9

On right side of Donation page, next to Account Name you can set the date and frequency you want the gift give. (Min $5.00)

Step 10

When all information is filled out, click "Save", and your gift will be saved and taken on the day(s) specified.

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